Boilo or fried..?

Posted: May 23, 2008 in Random

I did carry some ‘wireless’…
I would go mad without it, si mnajua?
I tend to blog more when am out, so funga mikanda ya viti and enjoy the ride.
First things first,

I got a recipe for you


  1. Water
  2. Salt
  3. Lime
  4. Snail – Big juicy one..
  5. Oil
  6. Onions
  7. Tomatoes
  8. Pepper
  9. (Add you own ingredient here)


Pick the live snail…

Insert your finger onto its shell (be careful lest the shell cuts you), Or just break the damn shell… <– Cruel!

Remove the wiggly slimy eeeeh snail

Apply lime to remove the eeeh sliminess

Dip into salted boiling water

Once cooked, either:-

  • Add onions, tomatoes and etc into the pot… for boilo
  • Remove and dip into oil….for fried

Serve while hot


Bon appetite..

  1. CB says:

    my dear, wireless is not the only thing you carried…step away from the tusker…you’re supposed to ration sio kunywa zote at once!

    Tusker kwishaad on wednesday… ihave discovered Star – cold filtered, tamu sana!

  2. Kirima says:

    come on where are your guts, try some and give us the feedback.

    Dude, when it comes to snails am gutless!

  3. egm says:

    Tamu sana! Kumbuka that kasuku ad on tv? That’s what I’m saying right now! 🙂


  4. petesmama says:

    Sounds delicious! I’m thinking the fewer the spices, the better. That way you don’t dilute the snail essence.

    What does one serve it with?

    You can serve with ‘ugali’…or equivalent..

  5. Zax says:

    You know the way you bite on a sausage… (I mean the farmers choice one…)… After the boil, you balance it on the fork/finger and just swallow… no chewing. But dude, clearly those turkers, as @ CB, please kunywa them systematically…

    Eish why now?

  6. Nakeel says:

    wewe aki you hebu stop what you having before the days go. But how is it that you dont want to be invited? mmmh onja kidogo

    Wewe, sitaki sitaaaaaaaaki ***running to hide

  7. 3N says:

    i can’t even read the recipe during dinner otherwise i will return to earth what came from there….

    if i remember you learnt how to float the last time you were out of KE…what will it be this time?


  8. Pet says:

    Ngaiiii!!!! Are u a senior chef in th snail department or snail vendor now?


  9. Pet says:

    Ngaiiii!!!! Are u a senior chef in th snail department or snail vendor now? Bon appetite? Thankyou.

  10. bomseh says:

    If you just skip the recipe and serve the ready food, well itateremka.

  11. archer says:

    Obusuma na snairo boiro? How now?

  12. super says:

    HOW TO MAKE ahem


    4 Laughing eyes
    4 Well-shaped legs
    4 Loving arms
    2 Firm milk containers
    2 Nuts
    1 Fur-lined mixing bowl
    1 Firm banana


    1. Look into laughing eyes.
    2. Spread well-shaped legs with loving arms.
    3. Squeeze and massage milk containers very gently.
    4. Gently add firm banana to mixing bowl, working in and out until well creamed. For best results. Continue to knead milk containers.
    5. As heat rises, plunge banana deep into mixing bowl and cover with nuts, leave to soak (preferably NOT overnight).
    6. The cake is done when banana is soft. If banana does not soften, repeat 4 steps 3-5 or change mixing bowls.


    1. If you are in an unfamiliar kitchen, wash utensils carefully before and after use.
    2. Do not lick mixing bowl after use.
    3. If cake rises, leave town (is this why excess left town?)

  13. mmmhhhhhhh.

    Please, eat the snails. We need a post on the medical services in that part of the world.

  14. prou says:

    Please do find out how they cook rat-catchers while at it.Am not sure if that is the correct spelling.

  15. prou says:

    sorry- grass cutter.

  16. Mo Ma says:

    Sounds delicious; you forgot to add that three live snails blended with a banana and a touch of week-old milk make for a very healthy protein shake.

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